Spend your holidays in the healthiest bed of whole Austria! Experience the pleasant and recreating effect of stone pine wood.

Healthy sleep

Effect of stone pine wood

Stone pine wood reduces heart frequency

3.500 heartbeats less per day

stable cycle even though air-pressure is changing

no meteorosensitivity

deep and vegetative recreation of your body


Stone pine bed

  • is made out of stone pine wood
  • makes you sleep better
  • energizes
  • has a perfect mattress
  • is cuddly all over

Hülser Nest

  • regulates moisture
  • flexible mattress
  • Torsana feather element fits your body perfectly
  • feather element massages your body
  • free from metal

Hefel Decken

  • blanket filled with flakes of stone pine
  • smells nice
  • bacteria repressive effect
  • natural climate regulation
  • only wood is used that was felled on full moon