Regional specialities directly in front of your doorstep.

Plaschkothek Restaurant

Stone pines to drink

Legendary cocktails, Styrian wine highlights and noble ambassadors of the category: rum are offerd by Plaschkothek. This bar is committed to the concept of communication gastronomy. The one who comes here doesn’t want to dance the whole night through, but rather prefers to talk about god and the world in nice atmosphere. Apart from the relaxing music, the talk with friends and – also- newly found acquaintances comes to the fore.

Additionally to the multitude of international cocktails, Bernd Pfandl invented special drinks for his guests: In order to make them he uses the favourite tree in the region: the stone pine. So he mixes up stone pine schnaps, zirup, limes, ice and roses lime juice to get a cocktail named Zirbeninha. But also the Zir Royal is a new classic of Zirbenland: It is very similar to its famous French brother Kir Royal, but with a touch of Styrian mentality.