A planetarium and Puch-Museum in Judenburg, Seckau only a few minutes away and the Graz the

Our excursion tips



Sternenturm Judenburg

The highest planetarium in the world and one of the 10 most modern in Europe. Experience a fantastic journey through the universe – starting from the top of the 500-year-old town tower of Judenburg.


Distance: 7km




Puch Museum

The new Puch museum is in the middle of the historic town of Judenburg and is full of memories of the car, motorbike and bicycle manufacturer Puch, with many legendary models on show. Special exhibitions every year.

Distance: 7km



Burgruine Eppenstein

On a precipitous rock perches Eppenstein castle, dating from before 1160. Now a great place to hike to in the middle of the Zirbenland (Zirben are Swiss pine trees), with a great view over the Mur valley.

Entfernung: 4km


Zirbenshop Fam. Frewein

Die Zirbe ist ein Wunderwerk der Natur mit vielen Talenten. Gerhard und Dagmar Frewein fangen sie auf ihrem Pflanzenhof ein und zeigen die Zirbe auch von unbekannten Seiten: Als erfrischenden Zirup oder feinen Brotaufstrich, aber auch als herb-harzigen Schnaps so wie man ihn liebt.

Entfernung: 1km



Edelsteine Krampl

Hier wird vorwiegend steirisches Gestein zu einzigartigen Werk- und Schmuckstücken verarbeitet. Mit Gläserner Fabrik, Schmuckatelier, Goldschmied, Steinbildhauer und der Ausstellung „Glitzerwelt der Kristalle“ präsentiert sich die Manufaktur als ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel.

Entfernung: 1km

Wipfelwanderweg Rachau

A walkway of solid larch timbers that goes up to 25 m above the ground, among the treetops (Wipfeln). See life in the forest from close up – and enjoy the view of the distance, too.


Distance: 18km


Benediktinerabtei Seckau

The basilica shows the traces of romanesque, gothic, baroque and modern eras. Also worth seeing are the wings of the abbey buildings around the cloisters. In Seckau: see how schnapps and lebkuchen are made, how to have a straw bath, how horses are trained or take a hike on the high meadows.


Distance: 26km



Tips for day trip destinations


Lippizzanergestüt Piber

Piber is the breeding place for the famous white horses of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Every year 30-40 brown or black foals are born. Come and see the horses outside and in the stables, and take a walk around. Open 365 days a year.

Tip: Near the Alte Almhaus is the summer pasture of the Lipizzaner.

Distance: 45km



Hundertwasserkirche &
Glasmuseum Bärnbach

Visit St. Barbara’s church, part of the colourful world of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Nearby, the glass museum has special exhibitions every year. And you can look over the shoulders of the glass blowers as they work.

Distance: 46km



Bärenschützklamm Mixnitz

The Bärenschützklamm is a steep, narrow gorge with waterfalls and a wooden walkway. One of the most picturesque river gorges in Austria, it is a protected natural heritage site.

Distance: 75km


Lurgrotte Peggau

The Lurgrotte is one of the biggest known cave systems in Austria, with spectacular water-formed stone formations. There are two access points, one in Peggau and the other in Semriach. Highlight is the light and sound show in the Great Hall.

Distance: 80km


Freilichtmuseum Stübing

Just 15 km from Graz in a quiet side valley of the Mur, almost 100 traditional rural houses and other structures were transported here from every region of Austria and rebuilt. You walk through the history of agriculture and living, with exhibits spanning six centuries.

Distance: 80km



Graz Genusshauptstadt

More than 900 years of living history: in Austria’s second largest city, many buildings bear witness to the city’s past, many more document modernity and some are landmarks for the future. Not many other towns can offer so much outstanding architecture from so many styles and periods – from the middle ages to the 21st century – in such a small space.

Distance: 90km


Benediktinerstift Admont

The Benedictine monastery at Admont houses the biggest monastic library in the world and probably the most diverse private museum in Austria: ranging from historic art to natural history and contemporary art. In 2013 the museum is 10 years old!

Distance: 95km


Dachstein Skywalk

Spectacular observation platform, jutting out from the rock near the top station of the Dachstein cable car, above 250 m of sheer rock face of the Hunerkogel. When you step onto the glass floor of the platform, you really become a sky walker. You can see a long way out – and a long way down! Aka: the balcony of the Alps.

Distance: 170km


Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

About 4 km from Graz lies the village of Thal. If you’ve never heard of it, you might have heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who grew up there. In the old family house you can find the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum.

Distance: 88km